Discover freedom and ease from the inside out

Somatic Education

What is Somatic Movement Education? 

Slow, safe and gentle movements, mostly floor-based and designed to re-educate your brain to safely release, lengthen and relax muscles.

Somatic Movement Education is profoundly effective and empowering. Through patient, regular practice (as little as 5-10mins per day), long lasting effects on body, mind and spirit can be achieved.

Is Somatics for you?
YES!! We all need regular physical activity. But because of pain in your back, knees or shoulders, perhaps you miss the things you used to enjoy doing, like tennis, walking, playing with your children/grandchildren. If this is you, then I would strongly recommend you explore Somatics.

Physically active and doing just fine? Through Somatics you’ll discover that your chosen sport/movement practice, whether that be running, golf, tennis, yoga or pilates, will feel easier.

How is Somatic Education different? The clue’s in the title – education – you and your brain are educated how to move your body so you can sense it and therefore change it. Somatics is not passive, you are proactive, learning to self regulate and ‘fix’ your body when you need it, helping you maintain that new found sense of freedom and good posture.


Created by Thomas Hanna PhD (1928-1990), founder of the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training, through his combined knowledge of philosophy, movement education and neurophysiology.

Thomas Hanna began as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, hence the similarities some people find, he then went on to develop Hanna Somatic Education after studying neurophysiology.