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What people are saying

I feel I’ve really benefited from attending yoga classes regularly particularly with having mental health and physical problems. I feel so much better overall. I’ve finally found a teacher I feel I can trust/suits me both mind & body.
Since starting yoga I am far more aware of my body and its issues. My shoulder issues are almost nonexistent now, thanks to yoga.
Not all yoga teachers are the same. It is hard to find one that is just right. You combine quirky good humour, a relaxed approach, a well prepared purposeful session, interesting underpinning themes, flexible consideration for each individual and skill in the subject. We like you and we like your teaching. You are the just right yoga teacher.
I have just completed your 4 week “Love Your Lower Back Somatics”,  I have struggled with back problems following a trauma many years ago and also in recent years surgeries & cancer treatment which have taken their toll on my body causing nerve and muscle pain.  Over the years I have often joined mainstream exercise classes only to end up hurting my back or causing myself pain as they simply don’t cater for my specific needs.

Taking your course and learning about Somatics with you (which is completely new to me) has been a real eye opener and it makes perfect sense when you explain how and why it works.  You are a wonderful tutor and it is obvious you care about your clients wellbeing and because of this I felt completely safe and comfortable following your instructions.  The small group in each class makes for a very personal guided session.  I have really enjoyed this course and have learned some valuable tools to help my body.
Thank you Julie and I am really looking forward to continuing my journey of discovery and healing with you through your Yoga & Somatics classes.
Lesley J
I cannot recommend Julie enough as a yoga teacher. Her skills and style of teaching are a delight
Mark Lewis
I recently completed a six week home course of yoga with Julie, my first yoga experience for a long time.  I have to say I found her style of teaching excellent, with each session being well planned and superbly delivered.  For anyone considering private home yoga I would strongly recommend Julie.  In a word…brilliant!
Sally Dodge
Having never done yoga before – and being rather anxious I found Julie’s approach fantastic.  She explained everything with great care and definitely took away the slight fear factor that I had.  The sessions here at my home were a great way for me to get a flavour of what yoga can do – and Julie was an excellent teacher.